Afri-CAN Charity Launches Mhani Gingi Teacher-Training Programme

  ‘ The workshops are the catalyst for enhancing skills and improving the teacher’s knowledge base.’

Camille Patterson, Program Director

In May 2015 The Afri-CAN Charity launched a brand new programme in the Township of Philippi. With the success of the Free School Breakfast and Nursery Rebuild Programmes we wanted to continue to build on this success and so we launched the Mhani Gingi Teacher-Training Workshops. The workshops were set up to enhance and enrich the skills and knowledge of the teachers running the Early Childhood Development Learning Centres in the Philippi Township.

IMG_1688 (1)

On the 20th May 2015 six Early Childhood Development (ECD) teachers started the 6-week Mhani Gingi Teacher-Training Programme. The workshops were held every other Saturday from 9-10.30am and were attended by the head teachers and teaching assistants of the nurseries.

The ACC were pleased to see the teacher’s progress and them putting into practice what they had learnt from the Mhani IMG_1715 (1)Gingi Workshops.  Miss Onele,  a teacher from Siyancede Educare Centre Nursery, implemented what she learnt soon after attending the workshops.  She did this through teaching a creative drawing class where the children drew their Principal by freehand, this is an activity that aids in the development of children’s fine motor skills.

The Mhani Gingi Workshops were a great success with the first round of the six ECD teachers completing and receiving their certificates. Through the implementation of  the Teacher-Training Programme the ACC aims to provide the ECD teachers with further skills and resources enabling them to create a well rounded curriculum for the children in their nurseries.   



12th August 2015