Food for Africa: Afri-CAN Charity Surpasses 350,000 Free School Breakfasts Annually.

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Philippi Township, Cape Town, South Africa, 15th September 2016. Afri-CAN Charity is pleased to announce it has provided over 100,000 Free School Breakfasts since the inception of it’s Free School Breakfast Programme launched in August 2014, that number has now risen to over 350,000 breakfasts on an annualised basis in various townships in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Afri-CAN …


Afri-CAN Young Eagles League Matches and Community Sports Club Development Training

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This month, our boys at the Afri-CAN Young Eagles have been training hard to secure wins in the second leg of this season’s matches. The boys in all the clubs’ age groups played and they secured some mighty wins. Here are the results:  Saturday 9th July Under 12’s WON 3-0 against African Brothers. Under 14’s LOSE 4-3 against Mighty Reds. …

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Social Innovation in South Africa; How localised and grassroots organisations change the face of entrepreneurship

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When you hear the word ‘entrepreneurship’, some might see images of complicated business models, suit-clad business men furiously looking over pages of numbers, or, sadly, maybe you horrifyingly imagine the blonde swoop of Donald Trumps hair as he screams “You’re Fired!”. For others, entrepreneurship has less to do with dreams of Wall Street or making ‘big money’, rather, it has …


Hungry children cannot learn, so let’s feed them

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There are lots of facts and figures that can prove kids perform better, develop better and are, frankly, happier if they have a regular, nutritious breakfast as opposed to those that don’t. But none of us need to be told that a healthy breakfast for kids between 1 and 6 years old makes a huge positive impact on their lives. …

Lakheni and The Afri-CAN Charity Working Together

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South Africa is currently facing its worst drought in two decades and food inflation has risen 8.6% so far this year, up from 6.9% in January. The poorest households are spending nearly 50% of their household income on food with another 10% on the transport to get it. They are paying a premium for being exactly that, poor. A solution  …

The Brightest Use Sport To Teach: The importance of sport in child development

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In 2010 South Africa hosted the FIFA World Cup. 64 matches were played, Spain took the gold and the vuvuzela forced its way into the homes of millions globally. Now it’s 2016, Russia will host the next world cup, England still have no chance of winning and the sounds of the vuvuzela are becoming fainter and fainter. Yet, for the …

Afri-CAN Young Eagles Playing Away Games & more

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The boys at the Afri-CAN Young Eagles Football Academy certainly have an air of coolness about them! The minute we saw the boys play, we could see the determination and motivation in every one of them. Since our first encounter with the academy members and Gordon Ross (Director of Afri-CAN Young Eagles Football Academy) back in October 2015, many new …

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Water, Sanitation and Health: Introducing The Afri-CAN Charity Healthy Hands Program

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Background into township conditions: Townships in Cape Town are regarded as settlements in which families live on a tiny piece of land in extremely poor conditions. The lack of ready access to clean water and sanitation is a major cause for illness and disease in these townships particularly affecting small children. Every year, on average, the townships grow by 200,000 …


Head Teacher Tully Successfully Completes Workshop Series 1 of the Afri-CAN Charity Teacher Training Programme

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On December 2015, Tully watched ten of her students from Siyamthanda nursery graduate as they completed their time at her Early Childhood Development (ECD) nursery and progressed onto schooling. The graduation was held on Saturday 5th December when friends, family, and colleagues gathered to celebrate an incredible achievement. For Head Teacher Tully, this also marked the start of a new …