Second Afri-CAN Café opens

The Afri‐CAN Café Co‐operative Charity (‘ACC’) is pleased to announce the opening of its second Afri‐CAN Café in Lilongwe, Malawi, a month after the first Afri‐CAN Café opened in the grounds of Bwaila Hospital.

This second Afri‐CAN Café is located close to the maternity unit of Kamuzu Central Hospital. Afri‐CAN Cafés are constructed from converted shipping containers, using locally sourced materials and labour. As all Afri‐CAN Cafés are identical in design and fit out, the four new staff members were able to take full advantage of the training they have received at the Bwaila Afri‐CAN Café and start serving immediately.

Attracted both by the spectacle of the Afri‐CAN Café being maneuvered into position, and then by the enticing smell of the first batch of Milk Buns, the staff, patients and their families enjoyed samples of the wide range of affordable baked goods and beverages that will be served daily.

Malawi is one of sub‐Sahara Africa’s most densely populated countries, with over 1.7 million people living in the Lilongwe Region making it an ideal location to launch the Afri‐CAN Café brand.

Jessica Donnelly from the Afri‐CAN Café Co‐operative Charity said ‘I am thrilled that we have new Staff Members sharing in our hopes for The Afri‐CAN Cafes and I know how much it means to them to be part of something new and rewarding in Malawi.’

Plans for the third Afri‐CAN Café are underway and will be delivered in Q4 2010.