‘Malawi was the first country we launched the Afri-CAN Cafes in…’

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Our Founder and Chairman, Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE reflects on the opening of the first Afri-CAN Cafes in Malawi and the development of the program thus far. “Malawi was the first country we launched the Afri-CAN Cafes in, so it will always be special to us.  Over the last few years the team there, led by Stewart Kameme, have overcome some huge challenges, …

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New challenges, new team members

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15th August 2012—The Afri-CAN Cafés warmly welcomes Nicole, Peneal, Xthinga and Gail as new members of The Afri-CAN Café team in South Africa. The team are charged with the task of sourcing new locations for the Cafés in South Africa and liaising with the relevant Government Departments. Stefan Allesch-Taylor, Chairman said “We are all really excited about exporting the success …

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Donor Visit

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21st December 2011—Following a successful fact finding trip to visit The Afri-CAN Cafés in Malawi we are delighted to welcome Kimbra and Mark Walters as donors to our Malawi project. Malawi has faced some political and economic instability during this challenging period. As 2011 closes the Cafés remain on track to create a surplus for the financial year. Thank you …

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Three more Afri-CAN Cafés ordered

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27th September 2011, London—The Afri-CAN Café Cooperative Charity is pleased to announce that it has ordered a further three Cafés, taking the total to eight. Stefan Allesch-Taylor ACC Chairman said ‘We had hoped to have nine Cafés up and running by December 2011. This involves securing six new sites in 2011 and hiring and training between 40 and 50 new …


Two Afri-CAN Cafés now ready to be installed

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18th August 2011, Lilongwe—The Afri-CAN Café Cooperative Charity is pleased to announce that it has completed a further two Cafés to be installed within the coming weeks. Persistent turmoil in the country may delay operational roll out, with continued fuel shortages and unrest. Stefan Allesch-Taylor ACC Chairman said ‘The roll out is clearly important to us all. Two new Cafés bring in another six …

Catering contract on target to exceed 10,000 meals per year

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30th June 2011, Bwaila—The Afri-CAN Café Cooperative Charity is pleased to announce that the catering contract with the Malawi District Health Office ‘DHO’ has had a successful two months. Being part of the quality of life and a ‘second home’ is the aspiration of coffee shops and cafes throughout the world. This is now clearly being achieved. It is anticipated that between May …

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The Afri-CAN Café roll-out in Action

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13th May 2011 – The shipping container that houses the  Afri-CAN Café arrives and is given a makeover.             Kitchen equipment is installed, such as the baking oven (pictured) which is 100% sourced, designed and constructed in Malawi.                   The dining area for patrons is set-up using materials …


The Afri-CAN Café Expansion Continues

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11th April 2011, Malawi—The Afri-CAN Café Cooperative Charity is pleased to announce its continuing expansion programme. A further two Afri-CAN Cafés are now undergoing conversion in Malawi, with another two to follow post completion. Stefan Allesch-Taylor, Afri-CAN Café spokesman said ‘We have commissioned two Cafés, with two to follow. Clearly a challenge relates to the sourcing and pricing of the containers themselves in a …


The Afri-CAN Café Bwaila Secures First Catering Contract

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11th April 2011, Bwaila—The Afri-CAN Café Cooperative Charity is pleased to announce that it has secured its first catering contract in Bwaila with Bwaila Hospital. Stewart Kamene, The Afri-CAN Café General Manager said ‘We are delighted to be awarded this contract from Bwaila Hospital. We will be serving 30 meals a day, seven days a week which began on the 10th of April.’ …

The Afri-CAN Cafés introduce new menus and hire a new Chef

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28th March 2011, Liliongwe—The Afri-CAN Cafés in Malawi are pleased to announce new menu options for customers. After a short trial period nsima and rice have been added to the menus of The Afri-CAN Cafés in Malawi. Nsima is synonymous with the word ‘food’ in Malawi and is a welcomed addition to the menu. Nsima is made from milled flour. Stuart Kamene said ‘It …