1737 Free school breakfasts served this month

Afri-CAN Café Philippi is proud to announce that we’ve served 1,737 free school breakfasts during the inaugural month of the ACC Free School Breakfasts Program.

On the 1st August we started feeding 41 children from Leap Maths and Science School. The numbers grew exponentially throughout week 1 and 2 of August and we are now feeding 114 Philippi children free breakfasts every school day morning.

Our list of participating schools and crèches include:

  1. Leap Maths and Science School (ages 12 – 16) – 41 children
  2. Masiphumelele Educare Centre (ages 0 – 4) – 29 children
  3. Cebolethu Educare Centre (ages 0 – 4) – 21 children
  4. Masikhule Educare Centre (ages 0 – 4) – 23 children

Bfasts for kids

Presently none of the above schools are on the Government Feeding Scheme, making our commitment to each of these kids extremely important. The breakfast currently consists of the Afri-CAN Café warm jungle oats with raw honey and full cream milk – No Swekile (sugar).

We’re going to provide over 20,000 free school breakfasts to school children each year from the Afri-CAN Café Philippi.