Four more Afri-CAN Café’s to be rolled out Soon

The planned roll-out of another four Afri-CAN Café’s has got us all so excited.

The new Cafés are currently in production, and we are all hard at work researching ideal locations and we are seeking new teams to run them. There will be a few design improvements as we take on board all we have learned during our development at Philippi Village.

We welcome your suggestions, ideas and comments on where you think the next Café should be.

Suggested new locations so far include Muizenberg Beach Plaza, Eastern Cape “everywhere”, Table Mountain and many more. Ideally we believe they need to be within 5-15 km of our main Philippi Café so that the Café’s and the teams running them can support each other easily when required.

Please let us have your suggestions and contact us via email, facebook, twitter or even better pop in for a coffee and tell us.