The Afri‐CAN Café host VIP visit from the USA

London, 7th June 2010, The Afri‐CAN Café Co‐operative Charity (‘ACC’) is delighted to confirm that the Afri‐CAN Café at Kamuzu Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi has been included in the Segal family’s tour of sub‐Saharan Africa.

Mr & Mrs Barry Segal, travelling from New York, accompanied by other members of their family joined the Afri‐CAN Café team for a meal and to see first‐hand the Afri‐CAN Café in operation. Jessica Donnelly speaking on behalf of the ACC said ‘I think it’s incredibly generous of Barry and his family to travel across Africa with the sole intention of simply helping others make their lives better through their philanthropic work. We had the greatest pleasure in showing an Afri‐CAN Café in action and it was fantastic to see the Afri‐CAN Café team talk to Barry and his family about what they thought of being part of the Afri‐CAN Cafes too.’

The Segals, whose Segal Family Foundation is a widely respected philanthropic organisation that undertakes “Efficient investments and effective charitable solutions that improve life in sub‐Saharan Africa” have been touring a number of projects across Nairobi, Kenya, Malawi and Uganda that the Foundation has supported.